November 26, 2009

Holiday traditions

“I didn’t eat breakfast,” Shaggy Hair Boy said in the car.

“Me neither,” said Boy in Black. “I deliberately stopped eating some time last night.”

That’s the tradition when we’re going to my parents’ house for a holiday meal. We eat as little as possible that morning, just so we have room for the meal that awaits us.

My mother greeted us at the door with a “Happy Thanksgiving!” and then rushed back into the kitchen to finish making big pots of food. My father had set three tables with white cloths and candles, bringing in folding chairs from the back porch. We all milled about, drinking wine or cider, and talking about how hungry the delicious smells were making us.

We devoured a huge meal, and then an hour later, came back to the table for round two: homemade pies. It’s amazing how much food sixteen skinny people can eat if they haven’t had breakfast that day.

Blonde Sister, Blond Brother-in-law, and I took a walk out to my father’s garden while other family members crowded onto the couch or sprawled on the living room floor. At the kitchen table, a group gathered to play the New Yorker game: it’s a game in which everyone looks at the same cartoon and then they each have to write a funny caption. It’s the kind of game that’s fun whether you’re playing or just wandering through as a spectator. That’s how most holidays end up at my parents’ house: groups of people playing games or talking, resting between rounds of food.

Family tradition

The boy with the long dark hair and purple shirt is my youngest son, With-a-Why. Then following him clockwise: Schoolteacher Niece, Drama Niece, Blonde Niece, my mother, my father, and Red-haired Niece.


BrightenedBoy said...

Powell abstained from eating this morning, but Thomas and I had no such compunctions. Our holiday method entails embarking on an eating binge upon waking up and continuing until one or two in the morning, with hour-long breaks taken between rounds. Our hunger never fails to regenerate.

Brigindo said...

Wow, there's a whole lot of beautiful hair around that table. Glad you had a good time.

Xiomara A. Maldonado said...

There really is a lot of beautiful hair around that table.

I'm glad you had such a restful, relaxing, and filling Thanksgiving. It's onto Turkey soup and whatever else we can make with the leftovers.

That New Yorker game sounds like great fun!

Jenevieve said...

I want to be in your family just so you can feed me whatever it is you all eat to grow such thick, shiny hair!

Haha, my verification is "wings". That's what I need to come visit!

heidi said...

Your family does have great hair.

Lorianne said...

With-a-Why is a lefty! As a lefty, I always notice *other* lefties: we need to stick together in a world dominated by righties.

jo(e) said...

Boy in Black is a lefty as well. Half of my children and three of my siblings are left-handed.