May 02, 2010



Signing Woman called me this morning to say, “Want to go for a walk before the rainy weather arrives?” She lives nearby, and her dog Border Collie gives us a great excuse to get outside for some fresh air all year around.

Twenty minutes later, we were walking around Pretty Colour Lakes. Signing Woman is a naturalist who holds the leash in one hand and binoculars in the other, and is always saying, “Did you hear that?” I am terrible at identifying birds by their calls, unless it’s something really obvious like a blue jay, so I’m not sure why she even bothers to ask me, but I always nod like I know what she’s talking about. Then while she’s staring at a bird or slowing down to look at scat, I spend my time taking photos.

The park was filled with local folks, many sitting by themselves, deep in thought. Really, it was a bit like being at a silent retreat. After a winter of being crowded into homes and buildings, jammed in with their families and coworkers, people appreciate the freedom that warm weather brings: the chance to sit by a lake and think.



Anonymous said...

Really love that first shot.


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Leaves! You have leaves?! We're still waiting for ours. Sigh...

I feel about May the way you feel about February. It's Just. Not. Right that May should be dreary.

jo(e) said...

Jennifer: You need to come visit me in May. It's a wonderful time of year here because everything is blooming. The only people who aren't so crazy about it are folks with allergies to pollen.

landismom said...

My husband is the same way with bird calls. I tend to nod politely and say, "oh yes!"