December 18, 2010

Pass the cough drops

It seems to happen every fall semester. At Thanksgiving time, my students go home to see their families and exchange viruses. Then, during the last week of classes, during their final presentations, the classroom is filled with sniffling and coughing. As I’m grading their portfolios, I start to feel my sinuses filling, and I need a box of tissues at my side. By the time I submit their final grades, I’ve come down with a miserable cold.


zelda1 said...

Same here. But, I do all my paper grading electonically, so it's the final exams that give me the creepy crude. So, I graded finals, and here I am with a fever, running nose, and hacking cough. Those germy kids. But, don't we love them?

Barbara said...

We are dropping like flies with flu here.

I hope you feel better very quickly and definitley in time for Christmas.

Kyla said...

Feel better soon!