March 07, 2011

But it's spring snow

View out my back door

I spent this morning shoveling the snow a storm dumped on us last night. It's what we call lake effect snow, and it's pretty common for us to get hit with a snowstorm or two during March.

We had parked out cars near the end of the driveway, so my husband was able to leave for work, and Shaggy Hair Boy for his piano lesson, but I worked at home today, taking half an hour to go out in the sunshine and shovel every time I felt like I needed a break. Shoveling snow is an appealing option when you're home grading papers.

This scene may look like winter, but really, it's spring snow. By late afternoon, the sun was already working on the sections of the driveway I'd shoveled, and I could even see some of the gravel. In my winter coat and mittens, I felt almost warm.

It's only a matter of time.


Leslie F. Miller said...

I dread seeing snow this time of year. As much as I hate grading papers, I can no longer shovel, ever. I guess something good came out of back surgery.

Leslee said...

I only like snow in pictures. Spring snow has a nice ring to it though.

Anonymous said...

I'd take snow over the cold rain we get this time of year.


Kyla said...

Spring snow? This is a foreign concept...we can't even get snow in winter, much to our disappointment.