April 22, 2011

Some day we won't remember this

When my kids come home from concerts or musical festivals, they are often still wearing the concert wristbands that gave them admission to the event. Boy in Black will sometimes wear a paper wristband for months. I think nine months is his record although that was during a stage in his life when he rarely took showers. Beautiful Smart Wonderful Daughter used to thumbtack ticket stubs and wristbands to a bulletin board. Or sometimes I’d find the shiny metallic wristbands from a musical festival on her windowsill.

When I came home from the Mountain Goats concert, I didn’t feel like I could just rip the wristband off and toss it aside. It was my first concert wristband. I left the light grey paper band on my right wrist, where it was mostly hidden by long sleeves anyhow. I’m wearing it still.

None of my students have questioned the wristband. They know what it is. College students understand the tradition.

But yesterday morning, I had breakfast with some friends — women my own age or older. As I pulled off my fleece to sit down at the table, one friend said in concern, as she looked at the grey paper band. “What’s that? Have you been in the hospital?”

Yes. That’s what a wristband means at my age.

I think I’m getting old.


Songbird said...

No, no! We are not! Weren't you just reassuring me that we have many lovely years ahead of us?

jo(e) said...

Well, we can be old and wise and amazing, and *still* have all kinds of exciting things ahead for us.

patrick said...

I have the same tendencies with regard to the wristbands. It's been a few years since I've attended a festival (other than my own which doesn't charge admission, so no wristbands), but I would wear mine for weeks. That others think they are hospital bands is more of an indication of what their life experiences are than your less-than-old age.

Seeking Solace said...

Me too. I hate getting rid of the wristband.

I saw Jimmy Buffett the other day and my students were impressed that I was able to teach class the next day. They had no idea how much coffee I drank that morning!

Anonymous said...

Jo(e), from your description of the concert, and your continued meditation on it afterwards, it does sound in a way like it was just as healing (and as necessary?) as any trip to the hospital. You could have simply said, "Yes, a hospital for alternative therapies." :) *hug*

Magpie said...

I've never been to that kind of concert. Huh.

susanmtk said...

Oh, I wear those wrist bands every summer, and I'm MUCH older than you. And I don't like to throw them away either, so after I cut them off they turn into book marks.