December 07, 2011

jo(e) athlete

A few years ago, when a new gym opened near us, my husband joined. He’s gone faithfully, usually three times each week, and that’s kept him in pretty good shape. I went with him once and decided that a regular gym wasn’t really for me. I prefer to exercise outside in the fresh air. I’ve never been one to exercise just for the sake of exercise. I’d rather take classes like karate or belly dancing, snowboarding or skiing, so that I’m learning a skill while I exercise.

But this winter, my Ultimate Frisbee playing kids are using the gym to stay in shape while the Ultimate fields are covered with snow. They coordinate the times by cell phone and travel in two groups – one group coming from campus and one group from my house. They’ve pledged to each run 100 miles in December.

So last night, I drove over to the gym with my husband, who had gotten out of work late. By the time I walked into the big room with the treadmills, their workout was already in full swing. The five kids (Smiley Girl is part of the group) were lined up on five treadmills, all running hard. They were a noticeable group because they were all wearing bright-coloured Ultimate shirts. Shaggy Hair Boy’s hot pink outfit and With-a-Why’s bright purple make them very easy to find.

I took the treadmill next to Boy in Black, which may have been a mistake. He thinks it’s fun to do things like the set the treadmill at top speed so that he can run a five-minute mile. I ran for hours — okay, maybe it wasn’t really that long — and went only two miles.

But still, I congratulated myself. So far I’ve run 2 miles in December. Only 98 more to go! I abandoned my family, who were all still running obsessively. I went to the hot tub for a few minutes, then the sauna. Those, I could get used. Then I changed back into my clothes and found the rest of the family, who were gathering in the lobby.

“Do you think you’re going to make the 100 miles?” I asked my daughter. “December goes by fast.” 

She pulled her coat on as we walked toward the door. “Well, today is Day 6, and I’ve already run 30 miles. So I think I’m good.”


Lilian said...

Good luck with reaching 100! I'd join you in the sauna or hot tub any time, but running? huh-huh ;)

Rana said...

Hey, you should join me on DailyMile. :)

(If you do, let me know, and I'll friend you there.)

jo(e) said...

Lilian: It will likely take me until spring to reach 100 ....

Rana: I can't see myself being that organized, but if I do ever join, I'll be sure to friend you there.

liz said...

I will easily walk a hundred miles this month, but running? No.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Go you!

Lomagirl said...

Impressive! Even starting something like that is noteworthy. My midwife told me yesterday that I should be exercising. Isn't breastfeeding an Olympic event?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...


Good job jo(e)

I'm still exercising OUTDOORS, but the sidewalks are snowy and icy today. Ugh!