March 11, 2012

And it's spring


As everyone had predicted, the snow melted, the temperature rose, and we suddenly got a summer day in March. Boy in Black sent text messages to everyone he knew, including friends home for spring break, and he gathered a gang for a game of Ultimate Frisbee, which we played outdoors on a wet field that was soon churned into big patches of mud.

“It’s like playing in slow motion,” Skater Boy complained after a couple hours of skidding and sliding in the mud. The slower game was fun for me, since usually the young people move so fast that I can’t even grasp what’s happening.

“It’s like everyone’s moving at your speed, Mom,” Boy in Black said jokingly. He’s quick to tease me, but he’s also patient about flicking the disc to me even when he knows I’ll probably drop it.

The sun felt wonderful, shining onto our bare, albeit muddy, limbs. My parents stopped by on their way home from a walk and sat in the sun for a few minutes to watch the game. When they took the time to stroll through the cemetery adjacent to the field, Beautiful Smart Wonderful Daughter said to me, “They’re picking out their plots. Not depressing at all.”

Because I was playing, I didn’t get any action shots of the game, but I did take a photo of Blonde Niece’s hair. She’d just dyed the ends bright pink. A sure sign of spring.

Edged with pink


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

...when the world is mud-

jo(e) said...

Jennifer: Exactly!

Cindy said...

Everyone in your life has such gorgeous hair!

BrightenedBoy said...

The weather here has been freakishly warm as well, in the 70s for a week straight when we're normally experiencing freezing rain and highs below 50.