April 17, 2012

And the cats guard the books

Cats guard the new bookcase

When I stood up from my desk, I knocked into a stack of books, which went slithering to the floor, ready to trip me. This happens at least once a day. The problem is that I keep buying books, and I never get rid of the ones I have, because I like to reread books.

“You should just get rid of some of your books,” a well-meaning friends will say, but that’s just patently ridiculous. You can have too many clothes, you can have too much furniture, you can have too many toys, but books? It’s not possible to have too many. I need different books for different moods, and I’m a very moody person. Besides, I explain to anyone who will listen, books are what I do for a living! I have an excuse.

I like a home filled with books, but I needed to clear the floor of my office so that I could move without tripping. So I did the logical thing — I bought another bookcase. I got my son Shaggy Hair Boy to help me lug it into the house.  We squeezed it into the one corner of the house that didn’t yet have a bookcase, and I admired the seven new shelves.

Of course, that was right before Easter Weekend, and with the extended family coming over for Easter dinner, I figured I better clean the house before sorting through the piles of books in my office. As I vaccumed the downstairs living area, I kept finding books on the floor and I just started putting them on the bookcase. By the time I was done cleaning, the bookcase was almost filled.

So this photo shows what the bookcase looks like BEFORE I start adding my books. I’ve decided to enjoy the uncluttered bookcase for a few weeks before I clean my office and start seeing how many books I can cram onto the shelves.


Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly. One can never have enough books or bookshelves!!


rented life said...

I should send you some pictures of our masses of books. We need better book cases though. One night, I was in the home office, husband was in the bedroom and we both heard a crash. We rushed to where the noise was a noticed the shelving on one of the book cases gave. Immediately we blamed the cats, only to find one was with him and one was with me....We reexamined the shelving and found that it bowed under the weight of all the books! (We didn't get rid of any though.)

The only books we get rid of: when I get "free" books from my field that aren't helpful, or when he reads a book and doesn't enjoy it (not many, but a few.) We sell these books and the money always get used to buy more.

readersguide said...

Funny -- I looked at the picture first and though, wow, what an underutilized bookcase! Tasteful, though.

Magpie said...

i have a tiny bit of excess bookshelf space, and then i don't know what we're going to do - we are out of walls.

Rana said...

We have bookcases on every reasonably free wall in the apartment, and they are still not enough. I wish we could attach shelves to the walls above our heads, but the landlord would not approve.

(Seriously, well over half of the physical mass of our belongings on the moving truck was in the form of boxes of books.)

Pirata said...



algunas ideas para nuevo almacenamiento.

jo(e) said...

Pirate Boy: Oh, clearly, I have lots more room for books! I could put bookshelves in all the corners ....

Lilian said...

hahaha! This post was so much fun!

First, two totally unrelated comments. (1) as a cat-crazy person, I'd LOVE to see more photos of your cats & learn their names. The grey one in the photo is gorgeous!! (2) look at the "hunger games" bows!

Now, I totally had/have to laugh at this new "consumerist" side of you! :) Books and bookcases, of course!! Me too, of course... I can't throw books away, only add to my ever-growing collection (but of course I also enjoy buying cute shoes & clothes & sometimes have a hard time getting rid of them too ;)

Gracias por tus ideas de almacenamiento, Pirata!!

Arizaphale said...

Books define us! When I first moved back to the suburbs* of this backwater Australian capital, I had trouble describing the nature of my fellow suburbanites to the folks in the UK. Finally the lightbulb went on. They had lots of new cars and boats in their driveways, but no books on their shelves.
* I have since moved to a more bookish area!

Great 'watchcats' by the way.

jo(e) said...

Lilian: The all-grey cat is named Trouble, and the grey-stiped cat is Gretel.

YourFireAnt said...

Stop by my house. I have some books for ya. Also a desk.