August 09, 2012

Lazy days of doing nothing

As the fog withdraws

Even during the middle of the day, it was easy to find beaches and coves that were empty. My husband and I spent one morning hiking up and down some rocky crags, sitting in a sheltered spot to watch the fog moving out, and climbing down to a beach that we had all to ourselves.

I’d clambered out onto some wet rocks when I looked down and noticed some bright colors in the tide pools. I saw a bright orange starfish, then some red ones, and some brilliant green sea anenomes. I called to my husband and we spent a happy couple of hours just wandering around, looking at the creatures that appeared every time the water receded.



Trevor said...

What beautiful scenery. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation.

anthea said...

What lovely photographs and it looks as if you had a fabulous vacation.

undine said...

Beautiful pictures!

Heidi said...