December 20, 2012

Bring us a figgy pudding


Most of the audience were in wheelchairs. But I could hear many of them singing the old familiar songs, and they applauded after every song. They even laughed at the corny jokes my husband told as he introduced each number.

Shaggy Hair Boy stayed at the piano, flipping the pages of Christmas music and playing. With-a-Why, Shy Smile, and my husband sang, and sometimes they jingled bells. I stayed in the audience next to my mother-in-law. She doesn’t have enough strength in her arms to clap her hands, but she whispered to me that she was proud.

They sang for an hour, and then it was time for the staff to start wheeling the residents back to the rooms so they could prepare the dining room for the evening meal. When we got home, the boys went immediately to the piano to continue playing and singing. They perform with or without an audience.

Musical duo


susan said...

It's good to put joy and music out into the world.

I'm still getting used to those pictures of your short-haired boys!

liz said...

What Susan said!

MommyProf said...

Lovely - Joy to the World, indeed.

Also, I wonder what figgy pudding would taste like...

Kyla said...

What a lovely thing to do together.