January 17, 2013

Looking the part

When With-a-Why was younger, people often mistook him for a girl. His dark, silky hair was long, and his eyelashes are so thick and black that it looks like he’s wearing mascara. But no one makes that mistake any more. He’s eighteen now. He’s gotten tall, and he’s got a lot of dark facial hair.

Last November when he was in the musical White Christmas, he asked me to cut his hair. He shaved and put on a suit, and the transformation was complete. He was playing the role of a fast-talking New Yorker, and he looked the part.

Of course, his hair has grown over the last month, which means it’s getting shaggy. I offered to cut it again, but he just shrugged. He doesn’t really care what he looks like, as evidenced by the fact that he let his mother cut his hair instead of going to someone who knows how.

“Are you going to at least shave for your auditions?” I asked. He’s spent hours practicing for these upcoming auditions – he’ll be singing and playing the piano — and his first voice audition is this Saturday.

He shrugged.

“Um, you might want to,” I said. “I mean, you don’t want to look scruffy.”

“Why would I shave?” he asked. “My first song is The Vagabond.”

 I guess there’s a certain logic to that.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

CUTE!! Nice logic. I hope the people listening who make the decisions GET IT!

Anonymous said...

He's old enough to shave? NOOOO ... it cant be.


jo(e) said...

Yep. He's 18 years old and a senior in high school. All grown up.

beemama said...

LOL! My baby is mistaken for a girl all the time, and he's decided facial hair is the key. At New Year's, his girlfriends drew him a goatee - in blue Sharpie. Makes sense when you're 9, I guess :)

Shaggy works, though! Hope he rocked the audition!