October 05, 2013

Conference life

I’ve been going to talks, looking at art, watching video clips, talking to friends, getting into arguments, making lists of books I need to read, meeting new people, exploring a campus I’ve never been to before, and eating delicious food off little china plates. The only drawback to the last few days is that I just haven’t made much time for sleep.

This afternoon, Artist Friend and I took a short break to walk around campus and find a shady bench where we could just sit and talk. It's still warm enough here for short sleeves, but we saw signs of fall. When the wind rose, leaves from the trees came swirling down, landing on us. We talked until dark clouds moved in, and we got back to the conference center just as the rain began.

I feel like I spend the first few days of any conference just hugging friends hello, but then our time always goes by so quickly. Tomorrow, most of us will begin the journey home, so tonight will be another night of talking late, savoring these last moments together.

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Anonymous said...

You always make conferences sound like so much fun.