January 20, 2014


The snow has returned, which means that by late afternoon, the outside world turns blue. As I drove home this evening, I saw two dark shadows move suddenly across a snowy lawn: two deer leaped gracefully over the guardrail of a bridge and down the embankment toward the creek.


Val said...

Since it's a week or so away: How does February seem to you now? It was last year, I think, that you wrote that it was at least a bit better for you than it usually is. March used to feel that way to me--It was a long march in every sense--and it's been interesting to me to see that with time, the month that had felt for so long like a heavy weight no longer really does. I hope this one is good to you, in any case.

jo(e) said...

Yes, the last couple of years, February hasn't seemed as long as it used to be. It's gone by pretty quickly. I don't dread the month as much as I used to.

Val said...

Good. It's always interesting to me to see how something I think of as "just the way it is for me" ends up having been just a stage, after enough time. You've turned a corner. Good, good, good. Next you'll want a pet snake. ;)