December 31, 2004

New Year's Wish

New Year's Eve. My extended family has divided, with the older crowd going to my parents' house for a quiet party, and the younger crowd coming to my house for what is being termed the wild party. I am plenty old enough to qualify for the party at my parents' house but since I live here, it looks like Spouse and I will be hanging out with the gang of kids, teenagers, and college students. I prefer the younger crowd anyhow. Cousins and extra kids have been arriving, and I've delegated all sorts of cleaning and cooking tasks. We won't eat until after midnight; it's a tradition to begin the new year with a big meal.

I'm taking a quiet moment in my office (okay, not that quiet, but at least I'm alone since everyone in the family understands that they are not allowed in my office) to think about 2004. Highlights included a trip with Spouse to Utah in June, some great camping trips with the kids, and a visit with Artist Friend in October. The low point was of course the moment that I realized that George W. Bush had been re-elected. I was so hoping that the country I live in would be heading in a different direction in 2005.

Here's hoping that somehow those of us who care about other humans, other creatures, and the planet will be able to make a difference in 2005.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Jo(e)!