August 19, 2006

The Answers Meme

Well, I am not sure whether or not this will work as a meme, but I like making up memes so I am going to try it anyhow. I hope this makes up for how bad I am at answering emails. The rules? You have to figure them out yourself.

1. No, I don't live near Bison City. I live near Snowstorm City. SNOWSTORM CITY GETS WAY MORE SNOW THAN BISON CITY. We get more snow than any other city our size in the lower 48. Don't confuse us with Bison City! Sheesh.

2. Yep, pretty much. It's easier than making stuff up.

3. Why does everyone ask that? 45.

4. Because he's a very reserved person. I don't think he wants a starring role on my blog. Besides, this is my space, not his. I think he reads the blog on occasion, but mostly he respects it as my space.

5. Since 1978. We've been married for 22 years.

6. I'm not telling.

7. I never seriously considered moving away. I am lucky that I have a job I love, because I can't imagine relocating for a job. I am rooted here.

8. I don't have one. But everyone thinks I do.

9. Yes. I love that. Often readers will email me with their own stories, often very personal stuff, and it makes me feel honored that they share that kind of thing with me.

10. Oh, yes. I know it's hard to imagine, but I do. I am often tempted to post hate email because it's written so badly, and it would be so much fun to just rip the writers apart in a blog post. But that would be mean. And mainly, I feel sorry for the hate mail writers. I guess I should feel sorry that they are filled with so much hate and anger, but mostly I feel bad that they are such terrible writers. Seriously, we need to do something about education in this country.

11. Yes. About five posts in all. They were really personal, and my blog was getting so much traffic that I felt it was time to take them down.

12. My daughter does. And my mother and my sisters and my nieces. I think the males in the family -- particularly my teenage sons -- are worried that they might see a naked photo of me or something, and be scarred for life. So they don't usually read it.

13. Yep. Two siblings stumbled onto my blog while googling the name of this tiny island we swim on. I didn't give the island a fake name because its name already sounded like a pseudonym, and I figured no one would recognize it. And my daughter and niece found my blog when they used my computer. Anyone who has accidentally come upon a blog post of mine has recognized me immediately. I wasn't making a big effort to hide my blog -- I just hadn't announced it. But everyone in the family knows about it now.

14. Because I'm such a caretaker. It wouldn't be healthy for me.

15. Since September 11, 2001. See, eating lower on the food chain helps reduce poverty. And that can help reduce terrorism because poverty breeds terrorism. Yes, I know it's really a loose connection and mainly just symbolic but I wanted to do something. And it makes more sense than dropping bombs or voting conservative assholes into office.

16. Yeah, that was a result of 9/11 too. Reiki is a healing energy. It seems like we can use all the healing we can get.

17. Well, it's a way of being in solidarity with women in the Middle East. Besides, belly dancing is fun and a great way to keep the abdominal muscles in shape.

18. Roman Catholic. But now I am an eclectic mix of all kinds of beliefs and spiritual practices.

19. Benedictine. I go there on retreat every September and every March.

20. Red.

21. Oh, mostly I am being silly. But it fits with the way I take photos, since I don't particularly like posed pictures -- I like some posed photos but too often they seem fake to me. I think that's why so many people will act goofy when you ask them to pose. I was taking faceless photos long before I started blogging. But I also like that some of my blog entries could be about any family, anywhere .... well, any family with a bunch of kids who do stuff like duct tape small toys to the ceiling fans.

22. I choose pseudonyms that I can remember easily so that my blog will have consistent characters.

23. Of course not. Like if I have a fight with my husband, I am going to talk to some close friends about it. I am not going to write about it on my blog. Well, unless it's funny.

24. Well, people are surprised to find I'm not funny. I mean, sometimes I can write funny, but in real life, I am more like my serious blog posts. Sappy and rambling.

25. Why not?


Marie said...
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Marie said...

Oh this is just wonderful. And just proves how popular you are that people want to know all this stuff about you. Thanks for sharing. Now I have about a million questions. (That was me above. I had a big ol' typo.)

peripateticpolarbear said...

But you never answered MY question!!!!

~profgrrrrl~ said...

#1 is so true. I've lived in both of those cities and Snowstorm City had so damn much snow we didn't see bare ground until May. However, I only shoveled my front steps in Bison City once all winter.

Linda (FM) said...

Re: #20 Red, huh? I would have guessed blue.

Saoirse said...

What a cool post. :)

Flavia said...

Ooh, now I really want to know what #8 is the answer to.

(I'm also very grateful that the city I have moved to, while known for its winters, is neither Snowstorm nor Bison City.)

Psycho Kitty said...

I'm guessing ... tattoo?
Your memes are always the most entertaining.

wolfa said...

I guessed tattoo or piercing of some sort.

I don't know what 14 is in response to, and I am very curious about 6. 20 surprised me, a bit.

Just look at where Snowstorm City and Bison City are! Of course SC gets more snow. (Though about half of what we get. Which is half of what Gander gets, but on the other hand, no one lives in Gander.)

Shelly said...

jo(e), you're expecting us to be too clever. Or maybe... me. The others may be clever enough for this.

kate5kiwis said...

i too am wondering about #6

Songbird said...

Well, that was fun.

liz said...

Love the answers.

RageyOne said...

I love it! I figured out the questions to some, I think, and others I'm kinda curious about. Quite interesting.

Phantom Scribbler said...

How could we be surprised by red? Where do we think the pirate-gear lingerie came from?

turtlebella said...

Such fun! To learn some things without *quite* knowing what it is we are learning.

Now, I wonder, would I be able to do this meme????

wolfa said...

I think because of the colours of the blog, red surprised me as the (presumably) favourite.

Chip said...

pretty much every day

jo(e) said...

Phantom, you are right. I do love red silk.

Chip: It made me smile.

Pilgrim/Heretic said...

This is greatness. I'd love to know the question to #6 too!

Seeking Solace said...

I bet my neck of the woods, Lake Effect Snow Central gets as much, if not more snow than you!!!!

undine said...

Speaking from experience, the southern suburbs of Bison City get more snow than the northern ones, but neither gets as much as Snowstorm City. Great answers!

negativecapability said...

My guess for 14 is why didn't you decide to become a doctor? (because I'm self-involved sometimes, and that's MY answer for that very question).

cieux autres said...

Ah jo(e),
Gettin' postmodern on me.

John said...

I never send hate mail, yet still get picked on for my bad writing, small words, grammar, syntax, structure, poor analagies, and spelling.

That's why I post photos.

Leslee said...

I wouldn't be able to do this meme. No one ever asks me questions.

Bitty said...


Why do you think that is?

:) couldn't resist.

jo(e): brilliant!

ceresina said...

Hi, jo(e). I kind of played your meme -- I used your answers, & came up with questions. I just wanted to let you know.