May 22, 2007

Pseudonymous Chainsaw Guy

Pseudonymous Chainsaw Guy

Conversation with my daughter as we sit lazily on the couch with our laptops.

Me: Do you like this photo?
Daughter: Yeah. You gonna put it on your blog?
Me: I guess. I need to write something to go with it.
Daughter: Who's that guy in the horror movie?
Me: Horror movie?
Daughter: Yeah, the guy with the chainsaw.
Daughter: Here, I'll google it.
Me: You want me to compare my father to some murderer?
Daughter: Maybe not.
Daughter: You should write something funny,
Me: But I'm not funny.
Daughter: That's true.
Me: Other people say funny stuff, and I write it down.
Daughter: You could talk about how you get your fashion sense from your father.
Me: What?
Daughter: That would be funny.


Rana said...

I take it you and your father are both fond of plaid? *smile*

I can see how your daughter takes after you... *smile, again*

Anonymous said...

okay, we've got two plaids going on here but they are both in the blue family, so's a bit fashion forward.

Kyla said...

*lol* Very funny.

Patti said...

"Oh I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK..." Sorry, I couldn't help it.

Linda said...

And she'd be right. That is pretty funny. ;-)w

Yankee T said...

Terrific kid.

BeachMama said...

Now that it funny.

colleen said...

I'd eavesdrop but the chain saw is too loud!

Too funny!

kathy a said...

love the photo and the story!

i'm guessing dad's fashion statement is, "it's spring, dammit! even if it is 40 degrees!" am i close?

kate5kiwis said...

*stage whispers oh so gently*
Daughter: Whose that guy in the horror movie?
= who's (who is)
(i know that's ridiculously cheeky from moi who avoids capital letters...)

i love the earmuffs!!! but i think you'd suit heart-shaped ones.

cloudscome said...

Student #1: "Who's that laughing out loud in the library?"
Student #2: "That would be cloudscome. She's reading Jo(e)'s blog again."

ccw said...

I love these conversations!

jo(e) said...

kate5kiwis: Oh, good catch. I am going to have to go change it now ... I can't stand to have those kind of mistakes in my writing.