June 08, 2007

Morning walk

Mountain lake

The first lake we came across was spectacularly beautiful, with green water that sparkled in the sunlight. The air was still cool and moist, so the sunlight felt good as we walked the rocky beach and sat on big pieces of driftwood to talk and plan our day. We hiked the trail around the lake, a winding path that disappeared at times under streams of water rushing down into the lake. It was a wonderful way to begin the day, breathing in moist air that smelled like Christmas trees and catching glimpse after glimpse of the gorgeous green water. At the far end of the lake, we sat in the sun by a rushing stream until a horde of mosquitoes got us up and moving again.

Rushing water


jar said...

I love the photos. Sounds like a wonderful time.

Rev Dr Mom said...

These photos are all breathtakingly beautiful!

Kyla said...

The beauty is killing me.

I always look forward to your trips, because your photos bring us along for the ride.

Witness Street said...

Hi. I believe that in almost a year of stalking this blog, I've never before left a comment. But I read your exquisitely written posts almost everyday. And this - this startling beauty of the life you are chronicling in Snowstorm City - this is beginning to really overwhelm me.

Thank you for sharing your response-provoking prose and photos. And more power to you.


Lilian said...

Hmmm, nice delurking comment you had there, my friend :)

Yay, I begin to see the green water... awesome. I hope there's more to come. ;)

nancy said...

I know that lake, been there many times myself. I never tire of seeing it. I can only hope to get back there one day with my family and experience it with them, just as you are.

I am teary-eyed with the memories of that place, just as I was every time in the physical presence.

Your photos are truly stunning.

St. Casserole said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.