May 19, 2009

Imagine there's no heaven

Imagine there's no heaven


Tie-Dye Brother-in-law said...

It's easy if you try

dance said...

I may be going in a totally unintended direction, but it makes me think of this short story.

KM said...

This was a wonderful photo, Jo(e). Thanks for sharing it. I came by after a long non-reading absence, but have thought of you and this blog and am glad you're still taking great pictures and thinking cool things.

Picked up some Star Wars bobble-heads this weekend (what greater insult to Darth Vader than to turn him into a bobble-head?), and I remembered that your sons had found some kick-ass light sabers sometime last year. So I've come to hunt down the link and explore again.

Blessings, and thanks again for holding down your corner of the world.