August 03, 2009

Blueberry pie

Making pie

Artist Friend always brags about what great pie crust he makes. But since he lives more than 500 miles away and I see him mostly at academic conferences, I’ve never actually tasted his pie crust.

Until now.

Last night, Artist Friend came to visit us here in Snowstorm Region. His brother, his nephew, and his niece were with him, stopping overnight on their way to the mountains for a week-long backpacking trip. Artist Friend walked in carrying blueberries and announcing his intention to make a pie.

We sat around and talked, and Artist Friend made a blueberry pie. The pie smelled so good as it baked that we ate it while it was still warm. I have to admit, that pie crust tasted pretty good. This morning, I made myself a cup of hot tea and ate the last piece of pie for breakfast just before I said goodbye to the group.


Lilian said...

He did a great thing! When we visit, I might make something too ;-).

Liz Miller said...

Now I have to wipe drool off my keyboard.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Oh Yum! I made blueberry pancakes for dinner tonight, but I bett his blueberries were better than mine!

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

It looks like a tiny pie in that picture!

jo(e) said...

Jennifer: It's a normal-sized pie, using a standard pie plate. But his hands are large.