August 23, 2009

Into the river

During the last week or so, temperatures have gone up into the 90s, and my house has resembled a tropical rainforest. Except without the canopy of wonderful plants and colorful singing birds and cool green light. One small fan, which we move from room to room, is completely inadequate during an August heat wave.

My daughter’s last day of work for the summer was Thursday. So early Friday morning, she and I tossed our bathing suits and toothbrushes into the car and drove up to camp for a couple of days. My parents were already there, enjoying the shade of the oak trees and the breeze that comes off the river.

The hot August days that can be so miserable at home take the icy chill off the river water. Sailor Boy, who is stationed with the Coast Guard up on the river, joined us for a swim. At our favorite island, we jumped into the deep water, swimming out to rocks where we could sun ourselves and climbing up onto my father’s boat, which was anchored nearby.

Island swim

The two figures on the island are my parents. That’s my daughter on my father’s sailboat and Sailor Boy swimming alongside it.


Tie-Dye Brother-in-law said...

That's a beautiful shot from the shoal.

Magpie said...

That photo is breathtaking. The near, the far, it is just wonderful.

kathy a. said...

so lovely.

heidi said...

Makes me want to jump right in.