January 07, 2010

Off to work

Off to work

Just to clarify, that's my husband going off to work. A twitter friend told me to just "hang out the window and take a photo of the snow," so that's what I did. Next week, I too am going to have to get up, get dressed, and scrape off my car instead of working in my sweatpants by the fire. Winter break is almost over.


Magpie said...

Okay, it may be a pain in the neck, but it sure is pretty.

Laura said...

We have a small dusting of snow this morning and it's my last day of pure freedom. I'm going to stay in my pj's as long as possible, and though I need to look over my course stuff for Monday and check on a few things, I'm taking it easy. This first week of getting up early with the kids has already taken its toll. ;)

Lomagirl said...

No snow, just bitter cold down here. I am so taking advantage of my husband's kindness to ferry the kids to and from school because next week I'm back to work. It's supposed to warm up by then, thank goodness.