June 02, 2010

Edge of summer

Island edge

Memorial Day weekend at camp is usually cold: it’s still spring in this part of the world. But this year, the weather was hot and sunny, warm enough for swimming. “It feels like summer,” I kept saying, and my father, who has come to the river since he was a boy, kept saying, “Yeah, it’s not quite right. It shouldn’t be this warm.”

Saturday’s canoeing expedition took us out to a little island where we could take a swim. My father and Shaggy Hair Boy shared one canoe: they are 60 years apart, but they get together every week to play music together and I could hear them chatting at the canoe whished past us. My daughter, With-a-Why, and my mother were in another canoe, and they sang most of the way. “Here’s another one you might know,” I heard With-a-Why say to his grandmother, and then he launched into the song Ain’t Misbehavin.” She joined him on the chorus.

At the island, which was little more than a rock jutting up at the edge of the bay, we pulled up the canoes and all got out to take a swim. The sun-warmed rock makes a nice place to take a nap. My husband grabbed a life jacket to use as a pillow, while I rested my head on the dry bag that I’d brought my camera in. I could hear Shaggy Hair Boy splashing in the water as I closed my eyes.

That's Shaggy Hair Boy on the right, and With-a-Why on the left.


BrightenedBoy said...

That's weird, because we had a much colder May than usual. It's usually in the 80s by the middle of the month down here, but this year it stayed chilly and rainy until almost Memorial Day. I couldn't bear it.

Now we're actually getting some good Southern weather, with highs in the 90s this first week of June.

Kyla said...

We spent the weekend swimming, too, but it is always this hot here by now. I hate the Texas heat in summer!

heid said...

I cant believe how tall With-a-Why has gotten!!!

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

It's been raining here for about 2 weeks and in the 50s. Very weird weather for us, too. Memorial Day is usually dreary but this is a lot of rain for the desert.

I envy your weekend! It sounds very peaceful.

Yankee, Transferred said...

With-A-Why...so grown!