August 12, 2010

Along the trail

Along the trail

I don't think I quite ever got used to a landscape that bubbles and boils and churns constantly. On one wooded trail, we passed a man and his son who were walking in the opposite direction. I stopped to chat (I'm very much a lazy hiker who is always ready to take a rest and talk), and he said, "When you come to the pool of water around the bend, just sit down and wait a few minutes."

So when we reached the puddle of water, we sat down on a log near the edge of the pool. Steam was rising from the puddle, and when I touched the water, it was definitely hot. After a few minutes, the water began churning, and sure enough, water bubbled up, shooting four or five feet into the air, sending out a steamy sulphur scent.


Anonymous said...

I think Yellowstone has something like half of all the known geysers in the world.


julieunplugged said...

What a fantastic photo!

Zhoen said...

That sulfur smell was everywhere, and a huge part of my memory of that place. Amazing landscape.

My favorites were the mud pots, the sound and movement just mesmerized me.