August 29, 2010

I can see the floor

The result of a fun-filled summer is often a house that looks – well, the phrase “lived in” might be too kind. I’ve been traveling so much this summer that any cleaning I’ve done has consisted mostly of tossing stuff into the garage. My two oldest kids have been moving out gradually this month, taking what they need from the stuff in the garage, but still, we ended up with piles of miscellaneous junk out there.

So that’s what I spent my weekend doing. I filled up trash bins, drove two carloads of usable stuff to the Salvation Army, and basically got rid of anything in the garage that isn’t absolutely necessary. As I was sorting through stuff, I’d say to myself, “Okay, if two grad students didn’t want this, then why would I?”

The garage isn’t completely empty, of course. I can’t get rid of the snowtires, or the tents, or the bicycles. I’m keeping the ice chests, the snowboards, and the bocce balls. I’m going to need that lawn mower and that wheelbarrow. We don’t have a basement or an attic, so we do use the room for storage. But still, I’ve got a lot more space in there then I did on Friday. Tonight, I kept walking out into the garage just to admire my work.

I admit that my weekend wasn’t all cleaning. I went to the farmers’ market with my parents Saturday morning, I had a supper picnic with my husband and two youngest sons at Pretty Colour Lake last evening, and I drove out this morning to the retreat place where I’ll be taking students later this month. But still, that was my biggest accomplishment of the weekend: I cleaned the garage.

And just in time. Classes on our campus start tomorrow. Fall semester is here.


Anjali said...

Maybe you can do mine next?

Have a great start to the fall semester!

Val said...

"If two grad students didn't want this, then why would I?" made me laugh. :)

I hope you and yours have a wonderful fall, jo(e).

Sarah Sometimes said...

I start teaching tomorrow, too. I took a stab at cleaning my apartment--got to about one-quarter of my bedroom. But that one-quarter is clean and inviting. Oh, well, it's a long-term project.

Lorianne said...

Good luck with the new semester! Ours also starts today, although I don't teach until tomorrow: a minor reprieve.

I don't dump stuff in the garage; instead, I move it between the house in Massachusetts and the apartment in New Hampshire. This means one of tonight's tasks when I get back to NH is sorting through all the stuff I dumped on my BED to keep it out of my hair while I was in MA all summer.

In other words, I need a garage. :-)

YourFireAnt said...

If you clean out my big closet off the front room, I'll make you potato salad on demand for the rest of your life.


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

We skipped right over fall and went to winter. It is FREEZING here!

And congrats on the garage. Nothing like cleaning to make a person feel accomplished, I think.

Lomagirl said...

That's so good! I've been loading up the garage, but managing to clean out the kids' room and organize it somewhat. My big plans to have everything sorted this summer didn't materialize- and I need to have a garage sale. But the kids'm room is mostly good now.
School started LAST week, so I'm way behind.

landismom said...

I think I may adopt the "would two grad students want this?" theory of cleaning. I have a feeling our basement might get quite a bit emptier.