October 23, 2010

Season of cinnamon and pie crust


One of the things I like most about making apple pie is the way the scent of cinnamon and apple fills the house. Pie-making is messy: flour gets all over the table, the floor, and my clothing. But homemade crust is worth the mess, especially if you eat the pie warm with a cup of hot tea.

Apples ripen here in September just as soon as it’s cool enough to turn on the oven. Apple pie season marks the beginning of fall, when I’m still looking forward to the cold, and ends in late October, when the last apples come off the trees.

The last and best apples to ripen are the Northern Spies: they are hard and tart. The last couple of pies I made were filled with Northern Spies, and the apples were well worth the wait. I don’t like pies that are too sweet (that’s why I only make pie with apple or rhubarb), so the tart Spies are just right for my taste.

I’ve enjoyed seeing my older kids every time I’ve made pie this fall: a text message about homemade pie is usually all it takes to get them home. Last weekend, I went apple picking with my parents, With-a-Why, Red-haired Sister, and her kids. Most of the apple orchards were just about stripped bare. The kids and I spend a pleasant hour climbing the tallest tree in an orchard to get the last remaining apples down from the very top. Beneath every tree, old apples crunched and smooshed under our sneakers.

Apple pie season is almost over.

End of the season

In my house, food needs to be protected from wandering cats, so apple pies are imprisoned under over-turned laundry baskets while they cool.


Cindy said...

mmm .... love apple pie.

landismom said...

We had homemade turkey pot pie here tonight...soooo good. I think that we might have to steal that laundry basket idea.

fairbetty said...

Ok, the laundry basket idea is brilliant. I have some pretty sneaky and determined felines, tho'. I'll have to try that out!

jo(e) said...

Fairbetty: If you need to, you can weigh down the laundry basket with something heavy.

Janice said...

Oh, apple pie is soooooo good. Strawberry-rhubarb that's heavy on the rhubarb will also do. I do love some pumpkin pie that's rich and spicy.

Thanks for the laundry basket tip. I'm baking some pies for December festivities and with a new cat in the house, I've learned that no surface, not even on top of the upper cupboards, is safe from Odo!

Lilian said...

Not moving means that someday -- mark that! -- someday we will drive up to Montreal one year, between September and October and stop by your place for apple pie on our way there and, maybe, on the way back too! Just you wait!! :-)

YourFireAnt said...

Pies in jail. ;-)

Val said...

Mmmm! The scent of apple and cinnamon together is one of my favorite things.

Magpie said...

Love the laundry basket pie safe.