November 26, 2010

Autumn decor

Piling up

Every Tuesday for the last 26 weeks, I've stopped on my way home from work to pick up two boxes of vegetables from the CSA farm near my house. Mostly, we've been able to keep up with the vegetables by eating them within the week we get them. I'm quite proud of the fact that we ate every single zuchinni that the farm gave us. I admit that I did give some of the beets away to my mother: I've got a limit as to how many beets I can eat.

These last few weeks, we've gotten so much squash that I've ended up piling it on the counter. The nice thing about squash is that it keeps for awhile, so I didn't feel pressure to eat it immediately. And the squash are a nice splash of colour in our kitchen.

But then, with the kids home and nothing much to do except lazily hang out by the fire, I decided to bake the squash and make some soup. Our kitchen area is open to our living room (our downstairs is pretty much one big room), so I was talking to the kids as I took a fork and punched holes in the squash and piled them into baking pans.

Boy in Black, wandering into the kitchen area to get a cup of chocolate milk, looked at me curiously.

"You're cooking those?" he asked. "You're going to eat them?"

"Yeah, I'm making soup," I said.

He opened the refrigerator, yanked out the carton of milk, and then glanced over again at the pans that I was putting into the oven. He gave me his crooked grin, "They're food? I figured they were decorations of some kind."


Lizzie said...

Wonderful! Growing up we used to be overrun by squash/gourds on our farm. One of my favorite ways to remedy the problem was to chop one in half, scrape out the gross guts and bake it on a tray with brown sugar in the now smooth middle. Delicious.

MJ said...

My children, who are 9, ate squash for the first time this week. One loved it (with olive oil and cinnamon) and the other was less enthusiastic. (No idea why it took me so long to serve the squash.)

I must follow Lizzie's recommendation. That is how my parents baked squash when I was young and probably why I started loving it.

Anonymous said...

Well, they are quite pretty!!!


jodi said...

I am not a winter squash lover. Brown sugar never made a difference.
They are pretty to look at however.

Songbird said...

We did our butternut squash with "Moroccan" spices, which is to say, whatever I felt like putting in: curry, cinnamon, paprika and a pinch of cloves.