November 14, 2010

Ho ho ho

Holiday Vomit House

On Saturday, I went up to Snowstorm University with my parents and Blonde Niece to hear the Mandarins, a female a capella group that includes Drama Niece, my brother’s very talented daughter. For the last six years, we’ve driven to Camera City to see Drama Niece perform in high school musicals, so it’s nice that she’s going to college here in town, which makes it very easy to go to her events. It was a gorgeous fall day, perfect for strolling across campus, and the singing was pretty amazing.

On the way home, we drove through Traintrack Village to drop Blonde Niece home, and she pointed out the Holiday Vomit House. It was a small grey home, whose yard was filled with as many cheap plastic Christmas decorations as they could pile onto the grass. Clearly, they were going on the theory that quantity trumped quality. Despite my aversion to all things plastic, I sort of admired the occupants of the house — I mean decorating your house like that takes a certain kind of courage.

“It looks like Christmas puked,” Blonde Niece said. I was so stunned by the house that I parked the car at the curb and got out to take a photo.

“Get the Santa in the window,” said my mother. “It’s creepy.”

Blonde Niece laughed as I took the picture. “I guess this is going on the blog.”


Songbird said...

That Santa is VERY creepy!

Lilian said...

It's horrendous, but nobody can say they haven't got "holiday spirit!" :-D

Val said...

Every town seems to have one of these "holiday-crazy houses." When I took the bus home to visit family a couple years ago, the Greyhound driver actually pulled over to the side of the road while we passed a local "display," while saying "You've all GOT to see THIS!" Like it or not, at least the homeowners entertain people and/or get a smile out of them. :)

Karen said...

We have one of these too! Their Halloween is just as good(?). Be gals all the decorations are plastic. OUr Holiday vomit house includes stuffed animals!

Anonymous said...

Horrible, and yet . . . I kind of like it.

kathy a. said...

huh. i guess they are going for daytime viewers, and not the light display?

Anonymous said...

our friends live across the street from some folks like this. the disconcerting thing is that the newer kinds of decorations cheap, tinkly, repetitive music. the display is so wellknown that folks drive from all over to see it.
it's also all lit up all night long.

sigh. chacun à son goût.


RageyOne said...

The Santa IS creepy! It is like he's watching and warning no one to touch all of the plastic items in the yard!

holly said...

that house is my nightmare