June 17, 2011

Blogger meet-up in the city

The blogger meet-up began with the usual introductions and chitchat. Brightened Boy is just a few years older than Shaggy Hair Boy, and it felt perfectly natural for the three of us to be wandering the city together. We discovered an old church, where I may have accidentally broken the door to the choir loft. We ended up, eventually, at a restaurant in Chinatown, where we ordered way too much food and continued to talk non-stop.

We used several different navigational methods to find our way back to the Park with the Arch: Brightened Boy tried using the sun as a guide, I had theories about which way the traffic was going, and Shaggy Hair Boy looked at the map.

When we reached the fountain near the arch, I decided I ought to take pictures. After all, I was walking with two young men who both have incredibly gorgeous long hair: I knew my readers would want a visual.

“Go stand in the fountain,” I said. I figured the white of the spray would be a great backdrop for all that gorgeous hair.

Brightened Boy went over to stand near the edge, but Shaggy Hair Boy, with a fine disregard for his dry clothing, went striding into the fountain. Brightened Boy hesitated just a moment and went after him.

In the mist


Val said...

'Sounds like a fabulous visit to the city. I lived near the Park with the Arch for a semester and loved it.

Nels said...

I kept hoping to run into you two because my seminar was overlooking the fountain, and I spent all breaks and lunches in the park. Did you two see the guy on Tuesday who rolled in a grand piano and was playing it under the arch? I saw him wheel it in and start putting it together during the morning break, and he was playing at lunch.

jo(e) said...

Nels, we did see him. He's the same guy who was playing in the park last January -- he's just got a better piano. I can't believe we were THAT close to where you were.