February 20, 2012

February potluck

Fifteen of us gathered yesterday, mostly women who have been friends for several decades. The plan was to make stone soup: we’d each contribute a vegetable, or perhaps some beans or rice, and toss them into the crockpot that was already simmering. But of course, this group of women is never content with just one pot of soup. We ended up with a whole counter filled with food: veggies and humus, several salads, five types of bread, hot bean soup, some kind of stew, and desserts, of course. We can’t get together without chocolate: it’s a rule.

During the early afternoon, we all talked like crazy, cooking and preparing food as we talked, catching up on news. “I caved and bought a puppy,” Dark-haired Woman announced as she arrived. She had photos, of course, on her phone. Gorgeous Eyes brought her sister, who was visiting from out of town. Signing Woman had just returned from an out-of-town trip, so we heard news about her mother. That’s always the first part of catching up: hearing details about siblings, spouses, parents, and kids.

Eight hours later, bellies filled with food, we lounged by the fire, no one wanting to leave. Long Beautiful Hair stretched out on the couch. Some of us piled on with her and some of us sat on the floor. We were still all talking, of course, but at a slower pace. The food and warmth had made us relaxed and sleepy. Sometimes we’d even have a lull long enough to hear the fire crackle.

“I wish we had a whole weekend,” Denim Woman said. We all nodded in agreement. But still, a whole day of friendship and food in the middle of February is something we treasure. It’s enough to get us through.


Sandy said...

I love reading about these gatherings. It sounds like you have a great group of friends.

Belle said...

Oh how I envy that spirit...