June 29, 2012

Even my toes had a wonderful time

In the studio where Jackson Pollock painted

On Saturday morning, my friend Ocean Breeze took us to a meditation class held outside in a lovely garden filled with sculptures. It was a walking meditation, which we did barefoot in the grass, stepping slowly and silently.

It seemed that all week I experienced this wonderful place through my feet. As soon as I got to the beach each morning, I took off my socks and shoes so that I could walk through the sand and wade through the surf. The beach house had lovely hardwood floors that felt cool on my bare feet. All winter, my feet are bundled in socks and boots, so I appreciated the summer warmth that allowed me to wriggle my toes.

One afternoon, we toured the former studio of Jackson Pollock, the artist who would lay his canvas on the floor and fling paint onto it. The original floor of the studio is still covered with the drippings of paint, still bright after all these years. The tour guide gave us foam shoes and told us we could walk on that floor. I walked carefully around the room, looking at the pictures on the walls, and trying to let the creative energy rise up through my soles.

Standing on the gestures

That's my friend Ecowoman in the top photo, and my friend Ocean Breeze in the pink dress.


Ed from Ohio said...


Zhoen said...

Nothing better than kicking off shoes and letting it all up through one's soles.

I never really got Pollock, until I met one of the paintings in person. Stood in awe, streaming in through my body directly.