October 25, 2012

Bright and growing

The mural

This summer With-a-Why, my youngest son, decided to begin painting a mural on a wall upstairs. It's still unfinished. His schedule is pretty busy — he's got a part in the school play, he sings in the chamber choir, he takes piano and voice lessons, and he's taking a bunch of AP and college courses. Plus, he's got a girlfriend now, and romance takes time.

Even though the mural isn't not done yet, I'm enjoying the bright yellows and oranges on the wall. As the cold winds whip the leaves off the trees outside the house, I like having this brightness inside. I think I'm especially going to like it during the grey and white month of February. Of course, I'm hoping by then, the project is done so I'm not still tripping over cans of paint and the big pieces of cardboard we scattered on the floor to protect the rug.

A tree takes time<

That's With-a-Why in the top photo. That's his girlfriend, Shy Smile, in the bottom photo. Yes, she's been drafted to help with the project.


Lilian said...

WOW, this is amazing!! (and I don't even like yellow!)

Thanks for sharing the progress and the gorgeous hairs of With a Why and Shy Smile! :)

I can't wait to see the finished project either and I don't even have to stumble upon cardboard and paint cans day in, day out! ;)

Sandy said...

They both have such gorgeous hair!

Anonymous said...

That's With-a-Why? He's gotten so tall!!!

I think he was just a little kid when I first started reading your blog.

Sass said...

What a talented artist! Perhaps when he's done over at your pad he could take a swng by mine! :D

Kyla said...

Beautiful! I'm still so surprised at how big he is these days. Time flies.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...