October 22, 2012


Even though the weather has been warm, we’ve been getting ready for winter. Shaggy Hair Boy and Smiley Girl helped me stack a couple of cords of wood in the garage. My husband fixed the lawn mower so that Tall Boy could cut the lawn one last time before the snow. I put up a new set of shelves in our laundry room. I’ve been cleaning and re-organizing the house to accommodate the ever-changing flow of people who live here.

It turns out that my worries about empty nest syndrome were a little premature.

Beautiful Smart Wonderful Daughter and Boy-in-Black moved to a little house in the next town, but they sometimes spend the weekend here. Tall Boy and Blue-eyed Ultimate Player are living with us for the semester. We’ve been seeing a lot of Shy Smile, the girl who is dating With-a-Why: I think she’s officially an extra now. My daughter’s boyfriend will be moving back to the area next month, and Shaggy Hair Boy’s girlfriend is usually here whenever he is. I never really know who might be here on any given night. Luckily, they’re all fine with sleeping on the floor because we really don’t have many beds.

My theory about keeping the house clean with so many people coming and going is – well, mostly it’s impossible. The only way to survive is to limit how much stuff is in the house. So I’ve been going through cupboards and closets, packing up stuff and taking it to donation centers. This all sounds quite virtuous, but mostly it’s because I’ve had papers to grade. There’s nothing like a stack of student papers to send me on a cleaning binge.

The midst of all the busyness of fall semester, we’ve had some spectacularly beautiful fall days, with bright foliage and blue skies and sunshine. I’ve been savoring all this colour before the dark rains of November begin.



Cindy said...

Gorgeous picture.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of logistics, how do you feed so many? Are you at the grocery store every day?


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I MISS YOU and your wonderful family!! :-D

And you woods, too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tree --

jo(e) said...

Jennifer: Probably someone from the household is at the grocery store every other day or so. We don't really coordinate the trips, but often grocery lists are communicated via text messages. People are coming and going at all times, so anyone who wants to cook just cooks whenever. I never really know what I might find in the refrigerator.

Plus, every Tuesday we get a full share from a CSA farm.

Sass said...

Man, this reminds me so much of when I lived in MA. Mine was always the place people came to for a meal, or to watch TV and drink wine or smoke pipes. Of all things it's the feeling of a hustling bustling home with comers and goers at all times I miss the most about where I come from. Hoping to move closer to my circle of people once I have my degree if for no other reason but to recapture that fullness of life again.