November 02, 2012

Sneaking away

Soon we'll be entering the winter, the season when it makes sense to stay home by the fire with a bowl of hot soup and a good book. I'm looking forward to the holidays and all the crazy stuff my family does simply because it's tradition. Red-haired Sister and her family will be coming for Thanksgiving, and I think pretty much everyone in my extended family will be here over Christmas. From mid-November to January, the house will be filled with food and company.

But the snow isn't here yet. The trees are mostly bare and the nights are cold, but we still have a few fall days left. I'm sneaking off for a weekend away with my husband, time for just the two of us to spend together before the winter begins.

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Sass said...

This is by far one of my favorite of your posts. You have an uncanny ability to drag us into your world. It's such a warm and comfy place.