May 23, 2013

Playing Chopin

Playing Chopin

Over a hundred singers performed at the last high school choir concert of the year, but the spotlight was especially on the eighteen graduating seniors.

My youngest son, With-a-Why, sung for the last time with his classmates and much-loved choir director. As a musical interlude between sets, the director asked With-a-Why to show off his talents as a pianist, playing Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu.

I snapped this photo beforehand, when he was warming up. No matter what the lighting, his hands always come out blurry because they are just moving so fast.

I could not be prouder of this kid. Of course, as I sat in the dark auditorium, listening to the way he's able to express himself with the piano keys, I realized that he's really not a kid any more.


Anonymous said...

That's With-a-Why? Your youngest?! Oh my!!!


susan said...

Congratulations, With-a-Why!

Kyla said...

I cannot believe he is old enough to be graduating!