May 12, 2013

Ready for a cat nap


I've submitted my grades, attended a bunch of end-of-the-semester meetings, and written my annual report. Another school year done.

I've got all kinds of plans for the summer — a whole list of projects — but first, I want to sleep for a week.


Zhoen said...

Brain needs rest.

chicago foodie girl said...

Oh, I so feel you. I finished last Wednesday - I think I've slept more in the last four nights than during the entire first two weeks of May!

Trudy said...

I know the feeling!

Lomagirl said...

I've brought some paperwork home to amble through this month, but I have 3 days of nothing to do but watch the baby - then online classes in May and June. I'm looking forward to no schedules when the kids get out of school in a couple of weeks. Isn't it great to be a teacher? Those bursts of intense work, but then glorious summer- just like when we were kids!