September 05, 2013

Evening meal


It gets dark earlier and earlier each night as we move towards fall.

At camp, Urban Sophisticate Sister and my new brother-in-law, Tall Architect, decided to prepare a feast for us all — and the sun went down while they were still cooking. Red-haired Niece's boyfriend lent Tall Architect a headlamp so that he could see the chicken and vegetables he was grilling. My mother scrounged up some emergency candles, which she balanced on paper plates.

We couldn't see the food but we could smell it cooking. Urban Sophisticate Sister had marinated the vegetables and chicken with some kind of curry sauce (of course!), and she'd reduced some of the sauce into a glaze. One grill was filled with corn-on-the-cob, picked at a local farm and steamed in the husks.

The night air was warm, and the mosquitoes gone. Someone opened the wine. We crowded around the table, with plates filled, everyone talking and joking as we ate all of that delicious food.


L said...

oh, you and your awesome family!
(now with new family member, yay! Congrats to them, I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED reading their story! Way better than any tv series, like e.g. Sex & the City... though the beautiful couple did remind me of the beautiful couple in that series. ;-)

You always making us jealous. ;-)

hey, I forgot to blog that I met our mutual blogging friend who moved up north from big city. She shared she's been to camp twice already. How great!

jo(e) said...

L: Oh, she told me you'd met. And yes, she's been to camp!

Sandy said...

That sounds wonderful!

Urban Sophisticate Sister said...

If anyone wants the it is! :)

Temporarily Italian Niece said...

Bellisimo! Missing everyone!

Ellen said...

I love how your family is chiming in on this blog!!