October 09, 2014



My kids are mostly all grown up now, but they all still live in the area, so my husband and I have begun the tradition of Sunday brunch, with the idea that we can lure them home with food. It seems to be working.

That's my daughter in the hammock, talking with Drama Niece, who was here for the weekend, and Blonde Niece, who lives close enough that we've long considered her part of the household.


Anonymous said...

Ah -- lucky!

L said...

(I wrote this more than a week ago & thought I'd lost it, but the browser recovered the unposted comment. Kudos do Firefox! ;-) )

I hope my kids will live close someday too. But I don't know if it'll happen. I'll probably have to move to where they are when my husband retires... I hope I can retire one day too. But I need to have a job first in order to do that. Sigh...