October 28, 2014

Naked as a tree trunk


“You get to pick your own pseudonym,” I tell women who pose naked for me. Or, at least, I try to remember that. Sometimes I’ve already flown home from a conference, photos in my camera, before I remember that rule. And sometimes it’s too late. Quilt Artist, for example, had appeared on my blog as Quilt Artist long before she ever posed for me. The pseudonym isn’t very original — but then again, she’s the only quilt artist in my circle of friends — so at least I always remember her name. 

The day I took Soulbent’s photo, the sun had disappeared behind the clouds, and the air was chilly, but she willingly stripped off her clothes anyway. “With this light, you will mostly be a silhouette,” I said.

She looked around thoughtfully, and then pointed to a tree that near the lake edge. “I’ll pose with the tree.” She walked carefully through the leaves and twigs, then stood with her barefeet on the smooth trunk of the bent tree trunk, moving her body to be in harmony with the other trunks, becoming part of the scene of water, tree, sky, and mountain.

When we rejoined the rest of our friends, who were sitting inside the warm lodge, we plunged immediately into a discussion of body image. Soulbent has lived in other parts of the world, and she thinks the American phenomenon of the push-up bra is a bit bizarre. “I’ve lived in cultures where women are more comfortable with the natural shape of the breast,” she said. “They don’t feel the need to push their breasts up like that.”

“Cleavage doesn’t exist in nature,” chimed in another woman. “It’s created by restrictive garments.”

“So often with the fashion industry, the female body is just a hanger for clothing,” said Soulbent. “The body becomes just another commodity.”

 “And in this culture, the naked body is almost always sexualized,” I said. “That drives me crazy."

While we were talking, my friend gave some thought to her pseudonym. She explained that in Sufi practices, you use names to call on qualities you want. That makes sense to me: I imagine that is how names like Faith and Joy came into being. So, since she is a woman who tries to live and breathe and act from her soul, from the essence of her being, she chose the pseudonym Soulbent.

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Sandy said...

Love how she blends right in with the tree. Another gorgeous photo.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pic.

The thing that ads don't mention about push-up bras or any bra tht restricts the boobs enough to show cleavage is that they are uncomfortable!! you pay for that sexy look.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Lovely, lovely. Beautiful woman, beautiful photo, beautiful time of year. Beautiful story and pseudonym. =

Allison said...

Loving all these outdoor photos. She seems so comfortable standing there with the tree. Just beautiful. I dont know if I would have the courage to pose.

Zhoen said...


So glad I refused to wear bras once out of my mother's house. The odd undershirt, and I've never missed it.

Amber said...

The outdoor photos are my favorite by far.

mommo4.5 said...

One of your best!