March 21, 2015

In the mountains, where it is still snowing

Mountain lake on the first day of spring

No matter what the calendar says, it’s still winter in the mountains. When I woke up this morning in the beautiful camp that belongs to a friend's sister, I could see snow falling on the frozen lake outside my window. I dressed quickly for an early morning walk.

I should have worn snowshoes. The icy crust along the top of the drifts of snow was beginning to melt. I walked along for a couple of yards and then sunk in until the snow was thigh-high. I struggled out, got to the top of the snow again, and made it a couple more yards before sinking in again. It took me awhile to make it to the shore of the lake, where I stopped to rest and take photos of the blue-and-white scene.

By the time I got back to the camp, my pants were sopping wet from the melting snow. I stepped into warmth that smelled of coffee and toast. My friends were making breakfast.


Tonya said...

Beautiful pic. Did you go skiing?

Val said...

I'm glad you're having this time with friends. You made it through February and are getting through March. I hope this spring is kind to you and yours. ♥

jo(e) said...

Tonya: Nope. The ski resorts were open, but we mostly just took walks and hung out together.

jo(e) said...

Val: Aw, thanks.

robin andrea said...

The snowy scene is so beautiful, but I know if I were there I would want to fly to someplace sunny and warm. Soon it will all melt into a beautiful green and lush spring.