April 19, 2005

Never touching ashore

Yesterday, I posted a poem that my rural students especially like. Here's a poem that my urban students especially like. For , of course.

A Trip on the Staten Island Ferry

Dear Jonno
there are pigeons who nest
on the Staten Island Ferry
and raise their young
between the moving decks
and never touch

Every voyage is a journey.

Cherish this city
left you by default
include it in your daydreams
there are still
in the streets
even I have not discovered
who knows
if the old men
who shine shoes on the Staten Island Ferry
carry their world
in a box slung across their shoulders
if they share their lunch
with birds
flying back and forth
upon an endless journey
if they ever find their way
back home.

Audre Lorde


Dr. H said...

do you have one that the suburban kids would like? I'm one of those. *raises hand*

grandma blue said...

I love this poem. Another NY poem, yay!