June 23, 2006

Friday Poetry Blogging

The theme of Friday poetry blogging this week comes from the recent controversy stirred up by Twisty. Here's my contribution to the discussion.


I like the way it tangles and glistens
in my hair. Dream fluid. Milky words. Unspoken
secrets from your cloudy interior self. Words you never
tell me. Droplets of salt marsh at dusk. Your meteor
showers. Your hidden pools.

I want what is inside you. What percolates beneath the layers.

(I need your drowning)

Streams of hazy dream words. Silken
condensation of your voice. The beating
of the wings of crow. The burst pods of milkweed.
The broken doorways. Warm white tears.

(I look into this doorway of you
and I say, something is broken.)

Snow trickling from pines. Melt drops
splashing. I hold them gently in my mouth.

(You drown in me)

Spit them into my hands. Glistening self
words. Rubbed into my palms. Memories melted
and viscous. I feel your fingers touch
the person you need me to be.

(the woman I am not)

I cannot swallow
the wet, shining, jagged, silent syllables

cannot take in
all that darkness

all that starry light


Songbird said...

Mmm, resonant.
Isn't it funny how one person's intrusive or dominating or ______ is another's intimate?

Flavia said...


Mona Buonanotte said...

...and now my chair is wet.

...I wonder where Sergei is right now..hmmm....


terry said...

Wow! Just, wow!

Mrs. Coulter said...

Wow. That has got to be the most beautiful thing ever written about semen.

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...


Poor Mad Peter said...

Brilliant, Jo(e).

MindSpin said...

The most beautiful and important things about sex are never confined narrowly to sex, are they? They are about cherishing, exploring, desiring, offering, becoming together. But you said it so much better. Just beautiful.