June 17, 2008

After the storm

After the storm


Silver Creek Mom said...

LOL! I just a simalar post over on my site.

Peonies are sooo beautiful.

It's been raining alot hasn't it?


Gawdess said...

i love peonies too, and these don't look too badly storm tossed.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I love peonies, as they were a favorite of my mother and her mother. However, we don't get them here in our HOT state. I've never seen them like this, only the fuller head types, but I can see that they ARE peonies!

jo(e) said...

Actually, these peonies are usually very full. The storm knocked off most of the petals. I took the photo because they looked almost like some other flower to me with all the missing petals.