September 26, 2008

Off to the monastery


I'm leaving behind the computer, the television set, the radio, the telephone, the mailbox, the newspaper. For four days, I am not going to hear about presidential politics or the impending financial crisis or budget cuts on campus. I am not going to grade any papers or look at any reports or send any emails. I am not going to update my blog or facebook or twitter or flickr.

I will be spending a long weekend at the monastery.

It's a Benedictine monastery, with a chapel where the monks meet seven times each day for prayer. It's a working sheep farm as well, with big barns and pastures that roll down hills edged with old growth hardwoods. It's a cluster of old building built high in the hills above a sleepy river, with great hiking trails and views in every direction.

I'll talk with the two friends I'm traveling with and with Brother Beekeeper. I'll climb down the stone staircase into the dimly lit crypt to light votive candles. I'll pray and meditate and write in my journal. I'll take a long walk down to the river, and I'll wander through the sheep pastures. I'll think of my friends and family, and hope that their weekends are as peaceful.

At the gate


Coasting Anon said...

have fun Jo(e)...from an old 'girl' friend.

Michael Campbell said...

Hey! I just left the monastery and nearly tripped over a computer, a television set, a radio, a telephone, a mailbox, and a newspaper that someone just left here on the front porch. Can I have 'em?

jodi said...

Do they have room for me too? (she says only half joking).

Anna said...

Enjoy your sabbatical. I think it's a very healthy thing to do.


kim wells said...

I am always totally jealous of your stays at the monastery. One day, I too, will find a peaceful place like that to visit. Good rest, good writing. :)

Michelle said...

May it be a delightfully renewing rest...I suspect you are headed to the monastery from which comes my favorite wool!

Anonymous said...

Bravo. I hope you were welcomed, one by one, by every blade of grass.