October 17, 2008



The kitchen smells like onions and basil. I've been making soup. Shaggy Hair Boy is at the piano, playing Satin Doll, a Duke Ellington number. With-a-Why and Philosophical Boy are setting poker chips out on the table. Boy in Black and Frisbee Friend are hanging out by the fire. Skater Boy is doing something to the strings on his guitar. When my husband opens the back door to let in one of the cats, cold air cuts through the smell of basil and woodsmoke. It's fall.


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

I love these views of life in your house.

Rana said...

The air turned decidedly chilly today, and the car is surrounded by fallen leaves. If our fireplace worked, it would be an excellent night for a fire!

Instead, we went to see/hear a performance by Sweet Honey in the Rock, and followed it up with an evening with friends. Not a bad way to spend a fall evening!

Abby said...

a lovely picture. I recently moved to Kansas where fall looks -- and feels -- a little bit different from those I grew up with in Northern Wisconsin, or those I was lucky enough to experience during my time in New England. I miss these trees.

perfectly imperfect said...

sounds wonderful.