October 29, 2008

First snow

First snow

We always get some snow before Halloween. Often the ground isn't frozen yet, so the snow doesn't stay very long, but it's enough to remind us that we need to get out the wool socks, the mittens, and the snow shovels. It means we need to hurry to bring in the firewood, put away the lawn chairs, and get the snow tires on the car.

Last night, the snow was just beginning as I drove home. I built a fire and settled down on the comfy couch for the evening, but my older kids decided to go out to get something they needed for their Halloween costumes. My brother and his wife are having a big Halloween party this weekend, and family members of all ages are dressing up.

Shaggy Hair, who had been taking a nap on the couch, decided to go with them. Still half-asleep, dressed in sneakers and a t-shirt, he opened the front door. A cold gust of wind blew snowflakes across his hair and face. White covered the lawn, the trees, even the road. I could hear him laughing as he stepped into the slushy snow.

"This fucking sucks," he yelled dramatically. He turned to add: "And at the same time, it's awesome."


Rana said...

That about sums it up!

Snow didn't happen much in the places where I grew up, so it got inscribed in my brain that snow = special event, or snow = skiing vacation.

Living in MN for a couple of years taught me the rest of the story, but I still love that first, fresh snowfall.

The verification word is "chillath" - what you do if you go out to see the first snowfall without your pants on!

Busymomma66 said...

ooooh, I'm not sure I'm ready for this this year--but I don't think I have a choice. hee hee

I love the verification word Rana! It made me laugh.

lom said...

we had snow too on Tuesday, very odd at this time of year

BlackenedBoy said...

So jealous of you. By the way, Shaggy Hair Boy's reaction is funny.

readersguide said...


Silver Creek Mom said...

Yup...He;s so fucking on the ball it;s awesome!


Can I say FUCK here?

Nathan was thrilled with the 20 cm we got this week, but he was not so thrilled about the power outage we had for 3 days...just got power back today.