October 10, 2008

In the mountains with my parents

My parents

I would write a lovely, descriptive post about the two days I spent in the mountains with my parents, but I'm just too exhausted. My parents are in their seventies, but they are still high-energy kind of people. In the last 48 hours, I've hiked the hilly trails around a mountain lake, wandered through a famous hardware store, hiked down into a bog, tramped along the shore of another lake to find the inn where my father used to work at a musician in the 1950s, climbed up big rocks, walked through a closed-for-the-season campground to reminisce about the old days, climbed an old locomotive, walked a town dock, visited the camp of Kindergarten Friend, risked my life to take a photo from a bridge, eaten a meal at an old train station, walked along a beach, and driven a couple hundred miles. We stopped at almost a dozen mountain lakes and took several hikes. In this photo, my parents are walking through a campground where I came as a little kid, and where my husband and I have camped with our kids.


MonkeyPants said...

That sounds like more than could be crammed into two days. No wonder you are exhausted.

Those woods look lovely and cool to walk in. In the Pacific Northwest, where I live, the trees blot out most of the overhead light, and the underbrush precludes wandering off the (usually narrow) paths a lot.

ThirdCat said...

that really is beautiful...thanks for sharing it

Gawdess said...

somedays life is bigger than life and this sounds and looks like one of those precious times