October 04, 2009

Eternal rest

Eternal rest

On our way to the mountains, I traveled with my parents through some lovely countryside, with the seasons changing as we drove into the higher elevations. When we passed a little white country church, I impulsively pulled into the gravel parking spot. “Let’s take a walk through the cemetery.”

My mother’s father used to love walking through cemeteries, and I think I’ve inherited this trait, despite the fact that he died just after I was born. This little country cemetery was filled with old trees, tilted tombstones, and flowering bushes. We spent thirty minutes or so just wandering around, reading dates and names, and calling to each other whenever we discovered something cool. In some places, trees had grown up right through the tombstones, splitting them. I find it comforting, somehow, to look at the graves of people who died more than a hundred years ago.

I wandered through with my parents, talking about our own preferences. “I wouldn’t mind being buried in a lovely spot like this.” As we turned to get back into the car and continue our journey, the sun came out from behind the clouds and lit up the grey tombstones, the marble statues, the old trees.


Magpie said...

little angels like that make me rethink my desire to be cremated.

jo(e) said...

I know what you mean. I'm always saying to my kids, "Just cremate me and dump the ashes in the compost pile." But on the other hand, I love old country cemeteries. They are such peaceful places.

Rana said...

I'm the same way, jo(e) - I feel most comfortable with cremation, but I've always loved cemeteries - they are such beautiful, peaceful places.

(Maybe I'll have to look into green burial.)

Silver Creek Mom said...

I spent alot of time in cemeteries over the years. My dad sells monuments.

I myself just want a big boulder and a place that says I was here once, but my ashes belong to the wind. I don't want to be in one spot too long.