October 27, 2009

Reason #58 Why the human body is superior to the computer.

I’ve been feeling pretty awful lately — a bad headache, a low-grade fever, nausea. Yesterday, since it wasn’t a teaching day, I took the day off. I stayed home in bed and slept. Between naps, I ate pasta, drank ginger ale, and watched youtube clips from the Big Bang Theory. (My celebrity crush used to be Dana Carvey, but now it’s Jim Parsons.)

This morning, I woke up feeling better, able to tackle a long day of classes and meetings. Before I left the house, I switched off my laptop, figuring I’d let it rest for the day.

When I came home, I switched on my computer, went to check a document, and realized that once again, ALMOST ALL MY FOLDERS WERE EMPTY. Unlike the human body, the computer does not heal itself.

Once again, I pulled all the data from the back-up on my external hard drive — and then called technical support. The first two people I talked to didn’t know what was going on, but then I talked to someone who seemed to have a good guess. I told him that the only folders that weren’t deleted were folders I’d created recently, and he said it was most likely a permissions problem. So we tried changing the permissions on all the newly restored folders.

And now I’m typing with my fingers crossed.


YourFireAnt said...

Hmm. I've fixed computers by letting them rest. Stereos too. Maybe you didn't let them rest long enough. The guy I once lived with and I discovered that when our turntable [look that one up, youngsters] conked out, if we put it into a closet for awhile, when we took it out again it would be fine. Later on, it worked for computers too. I don't know about laptops or wireless.

You'll be glad to know, the word verification is Conat

Kyla said...

Oh no! I hope it works out.

Elias Alfred McQuaid IV said...

sounds like a virus

jo(e) said...

I keep telling you, Elias -- MACS DON'T GET VIRUSES!

BerryBird said...

I'm definitely with you about Jim Parsons -- he's dreamy.

Anonymous said...

Macs don't get viruses, you just have to replace them every year or so.