October 31, 2009

Streaks of silver

My daughter’s train arrived yesterday morning. A few minutes later, a car pulled into the driveway, and her friend Free Spirit stepped out. She was dressed in an earthy green outfit that looked like something a female Peter Pan would wear to a Renaissance Fair. That’s when I remembered that it was Halloween weekend.

“I’m an elf,” Free Spirit explained. I guess the pointy ears should have tipped me off.

She’d brought an extra pair of elf ears for my daughter, who was pulling on a long garment she’d bought from some online costume store. “The advantage of being small is that I can wear a costume meant for a twelve-year-old,” said my daughter as she pulled it over her head.

The two friends, reunited for the weekend, took over the kitchen. Well, mostly Free Spirit baked while Beautiful Smart Wonderful Daughter hung out and talked to her. You can see that my daughter takes after me.

I put on the tea kettle, and the three of us ate the vegan chocolate cake while it was still warm.

“I should have baked something today,” I said. “I’m going to a potluck tonight.”

“Here, bring some grapes,” said my daughter. I grabbed the bag of grapes she was offering. That seemed as good a plan as any.

Free Spirit was rummaging through the costume stuff they’d bought put on their faces and hair.

“We can put silver in your hair for the potluck,” my daughter offered.

“I already have silver in my hair.”

“That’s not silver, that’s grey.”

At least I raised her to be honest.

I declined their offer to dress me up and went to my potluck wearing normal clothes. After all, it wasn’t Halloween yet.


Xiomara A. Maldonado said...

What a riveting story full of rich dialogue. I appreciate the way in which you comically describe true life events and tell them as a mystery.

How was the cake? Wish we could see what it looked like!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the new trend of everyone calling gray hair silver.

It does sound more glamorus.