February 03, 2010

Hot tea and apple cake

Beautiful Smart Wonderful Daughter sent me a text message before she left Bison City: “Grandma is making me an apple cake. Guard it with your life.” So I wasn’t surprised when I stopped at my mother’s house and my mother handed me a tin-foil wrapped package to bring home with me.

“Maybe you should hide it,” said my father, knowing how quickly my boys can devour food. But her brothers did show unusual restraint, and the cake was still here after I picked my daughter up at the train station and we settled down with cups of hot tea.

Her visit was short but we had time for multiple cups of hot tea, accompanied by the apple cake and then slabs of dark chocolate. Last night, we gathered in the living room for the premiere of the last season of Lost. In honor of the special occasion, we carried the television down from the boys’ bedroom upstairs where we usually keep it and propped it up near the piano. It felt odd to watch television while sitting comfortable on the couch in front of the fire. The three boys were home, of course, and my husband. Film Guy and his girlfriend joined us, and so did Blonde Niece.

Both Film Guy and my daughter have a “no talking during the show” rule, which I find puzzling. I may have broken the rule once or twice. I’m not particularly interested in the show, which I find dark and confusing, but the kids seemed to think the show was some kind of event, and it was fun to talk afterwards and analyze what we had seen.

My daughter’s visit was way too short, especially since I had to go to work and she had a dentist appointment, but even so, it was a nice break in what is already seeming like a very long month.


Sarah Sometimes said...

I saw a comment on Facebook that Lost was good if you liked being confused and looking at hot guys.I haven't seen it myself.

Sounds like a fun gathering. And take heart, February will not last forever. I will send you my good thoughts.

Lilian said...

oh, ok, you don't really watch it! (I never did, I felt a little weird to think that perhaps you did)

and all this talking about food in your blog makes me SOOOO hungry! :-) I'm tired of cooking for myself, I could use a treat made by someone else! (and I haven't eaten grandmothers' yummy food in over 20 years -- they stopped cooking years before they passed away, one in 1997, the other in 2009).

Oooh, "Sarah" beat me to the first comment! oh no! ;-)

Songbird said...

I've watched lots of things with my boys on that basis, some of which I came to enjoy!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I love the way that you paint a scene. The only thing that is keeping me from baking apple cake right now is the fact that it's bedtime.

BrightenedBoy said...

When I'm dealing with a time that could be sad, like a bad anniversary or a part of year I just don't particularly like, I refuse to give it the power over me that it presumes.

If the weather is bothering me, I find something else to like. What would ice cream be without heat waves?

And if the day or era marks a difficult event in my past, I turn it into a celebration of how far I've come.

Think of all you've built.

Your daughter, and the unique relationship you have with her, is ample testament to that.

You've reared a healthy, independent adult who manages her own life but nonetheless feels close enough to you to come home and plop down on the couch as she were still in high school.

That's a hard thing to do.

sherry said...

If February is too long for you, you are welcome to jump on a plane and come to Mardi Gras. Seriously. Just show up.

I have never had an apple cake.

Elias Alfred McQuaid IV said...

fact check: one of your sons was at my house during lost.

jo(e) said...

Elias: Well, he was here for the first hour or so, and then he went to your house for the Captains' meeting.

jo(e) said...

Sherry: Oh, I'm tempted to do that!

liz said...

Sending February hugs.

YourFireAnt said...

BB, just ignore all her whining for sympathy. She knows if she does it her friends'll have pity on her and shower her with emergency chocolate.